Cajun Mower Racing Association

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John's Before
Kick en Grass
John's After FX class

Late 50’s Wizard, sold by Firestone and White Auto Stores.

 Was a 5 horse pull start Briggs. I mowed with it for years, It is also the same frame as my AP. I had one to mow with and one for parts. My wife said for me to do something with the frame in the back yard (meaning get rid of it).  The next time she saw it it was an FX. That will teach her to watch what she says.  From the starting to finishing was 2

John #61 Lone Star Mower Racing Association (LSMRA)




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Bill's Before

2006 Texas Points Champion & 2008 LA Points Chamption SP Class

Bill's After SP class



Mid 80's MTD sold by Montgomery Ward.

This mower was given to me by a fellow racer.I stripped it down to bare frame and started from there. All fabrication and engine building was done at home with average shop tools. Its powered by a 28 CI (12hp) Briggs & Stratton.Cam is modified alone with the block and carburetor. K & N air filter, JR dragster tach, hydraulic disk brakes in rear. Power is transferred to the rear axle (inch and a quarter Kart axle) by a 700 peerless lawn mower transmission. 5" kart rims in front and 8" Douglas in rear. I won Texas Points Chamption 2006

Bill #117 SP class LSMRA and CMRA

2006 Texas Points Champion

2008 LA Points Chamption

Lake Charles LA.




Down to bare Frame
Getting Close
Ready to Race


90's model Murray sold by every body

First mower I built, WHAT A rust bucket. I kept the cost very low by using the transaxle. Used parts out of two transaxles to build one, welded spider gears together to create a solid rear axle. Fabricated front axle, cut the mowing deck down. Lowered mower 4" from the ground, installed a jack shaft. Rebuilt 28CI Briggs & Stratton 12hp engine installed high performance cam, port and polish block. First race I took 3rd place. Go to ACME MOWER SPORTS for how to information and parts.

Bill #117 SP class LSMRA and CMRA

Lake Charles LA.






Ray's Before
I'm done
Almost There




Old Montgomery Ward Mower

First USLMRA mower built in South West Louisiana. This mower was very rusty, I stripped it down and sand blasted to clean metal. Then the Fabrication began. One inch kart axle with a 700 transmission. Briggs 12 hp engine with after market cam and carb.

RAY #176 SP class LSMRA and CMRA

Ragley LA.







Mowing Grass
Hauling Grass
Family Sport all the way

90's Model MTD sold by Stine Lumber Co.  With the help of my grandchildren, we built this in my backyard shop.  We stripped it down and completely rebuilt it. Now with speed near 50 MPH.

Ronnie Henry #113 SP class CMRA

Sulphur LA.